About Me

Wife and a mom who's been struggling with weight since I had my 1st child almost 4 yrs ago. Before that I did tend to add some weight but lose it fast. I wasn't "overweight" before that. It kinda hit me hard that my ability to lose weight wasn't the same. My metabolism at 33 isn't the same as it was when I was in my twenties. Felt like an endless battle. But since I had my 2nd child I have lost about 20 Lbs , doing soo many different things including exercise. Now, I have 33 Lbs left to reach to my goal weight. The weight I was at when I first got married almost 6 yrs ago.  ( i gained about 50 Lbs in my pregnancies)

It's really ironic how I'm soo "food conscious" when it comes to my boys. I figured, I'll teach them early how to live a healthy life style so that it becomes a habit and really a life style they can stick with when I have no say in what they eat in the future! :) 

My beautiful boys