Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quick Note!

Sorry I haven't been blogging the last few days. Hectic around here (as usual) - I'll try and be better with my updates! :)

Been running almost every morning. Running 5 Kilometer's every time. It's a mix of jogging and fast walking. Can't wait till i can actually run the entire 5k! It'll happen. With more practice :)

Weight wise, been up and down. I've added a little carb because of my upcoming race in less than 2weeks. But in total I have lost 5Lbs so far. Got another 5 lbs to lose for my challenge before/on Aug 27th! Hopefully that will happen! Will keep you updated for sure.

I think I'll re-do attack phase for a few days after the race, just to get the carb out of my system again. That's the plan so far.

Thanks for all your support and lovely comments. Especially about your advice regarding food/my 5K run/ weight loss/ and everything! Thanks!

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